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Refining the interview process

It is as important for an Employer to prepare for an interview as it is for a candidate.

Remember that at the same time you are evaluating a candidate that you will potentially hire, they are also evaluating you and your company to determine whether they want to work there.

Here are a list of good interview questions that will help you screen potential employees to ensure they are qualified and a good cultural fit for your organisation.

1. Why are you considering leaving your present job? Why does our business interest you? What is your understanding of our business and culture?

2. Tell me in detail about your position in your current/past company? Of these duties, which did you like best and which least?

The above questions are designed to get the candidate to open up and talk freely to enable the interviewer to assess the suitability of experience and whether they would be a good technical and cultural fit for the job

3. What would you say your greatest strengths are? How would they be advantageous to this role and company?

4. What would you say your weaknesses are? Where do you think further training may be needed?

Look for realistic replies, their interpretation of their success and their ability to face their own shortcomings

5. What other jobs are you applying for/have applied to?

Look for replies that indicate a lack of focus to the applicant’s ambitions, or interest in other types of work. It will also help you obtain market intelligence within your competitors

6. What sort of Manager do you like to work for and why? What personalities do you find difficult to work with?

7. What are your expectations of our company should you be successful in the role?

This will evaluate whether the candidate’s expectations are realistic and whether they can be met and managed

It is beneficial for potential candidates for a position to be interviewed within a defined period of time from each other in order for qualified comparisons to be made.

Detailed feedback to your Consultant in a timely manner will ensure that all parties are kept informed and the employment process runs smoothly to optimise your choice of being a successful candidate. The longer the process takes the more likely your chosen candidate will have found other options to pursue.